Classes & Schedule


We offer tumbling classes for all levels of tumblers. Our tumbling classes are seperated based upon the USASF levels of cheerleading. Below is listed the skills the athletes will work on in each class. When the girls have achieved the elements listed for their class, they will then be invited to the next level up.

Level 1

  • Forward roll
  • Backward roll
  • Handstand
  • Handstand forward roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Roundoff
  • Front walkover
  • introduction to the back handspring

Level 2

  • Back handspring
  • Front handspring
  • Back walkover back hanspring connection
  • Round off back handspring
  • Round off back hanspring series

 Level 3

  • Jump back handspring
  • Series standing back hanspring
  • Round off back tuck
  • Punch front tuck
  • Round off back handspring back tuck

 Level 4

  • Standing back tuck
  • Round off handspring layout
  • Front layout

 Level 5

  • Standing full twisting layout
  • Jump back tuck
  • Round off handspring full twisting layout

 Level 6

  • Round off handspring double twisting layout