Cinnamon Burns Fat, New Study Reveals

A few years ago one study revealed that Cinnamon succeeded in preventing obesity in mice. This observation remained unexplained until the release of recent research findings that have shed some light on the effect. The findings that were later published in a journal called Metabolism have confirmed cinnamon’s ability to burn fat.

Cinnamaldehyde oil is a vital cinnamon ingredient that gives it its unique flavor. The ingredient has now been found important in activating a bodily process known as thermogenesis. Energy is normally stored as lipids in the fat cells (adipocytes) that are present in the body. Thermogenesis is the process in which those lipids are burnt to produce energy, something that is also called lipid metabolism.

During the new research, fat cells were exposed to cinnamaldehyde oil and were seen experiencing higher lipid metabolism. This research was conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Michigan. The scientists were led by Professor Jun Wu and had to collect fat cells from volunteer humans. The volunteers were not of the same age or ethnicity, and had varying BMIs. The fat cells collected from them were subjected to cinnamaldehyde and left for observations. As a result, the cells started to produce large amounts of enzymes that boosted lipid metabolism. From that point, it was concluded that cinnamaldehyde oil has the ability to burn fat.

Cinnamon is a usual spice that can easily be purchased in every country. The new research findings suggest that you can now add it to your diet for the purposes of burning excessive fat present in your body. According to Jun Wu, cinnamon can now offer a healthy metabolic approach that is much friendlier to the patients than most of the known weight-loss drugs. The spice has for long been in our diets and is normally enjoyed by many. Now overweight people may include cinnamon as a daily spice in their diets.

Addressing obesity may now be easier with the use of this spice. According to Professor Wu, however, more studies are needed. With further research, new effective medications based on cinnamaldehyde can be developed. Cinnamaldehyde has huge potential when it comes to obesity treatment, and it may be much better than various therapeutic approaches used against obesity now because it promises an easier way of activating thermogenesis.

Interestingly, in another study, cinnamon was found to boost learning abilities in mice. This means that we may expect more promising findings on this spice in the future.