Welcome to Rockland Extreme Rockstarz

Rockland Extreme Rockstarz is dedicated to cultivating a fun and positive enviorment for athletes, parents, and staff. We pride ourselves in providing quality instruction that focuses on the advancement of skills in safe progressions with attention to proper technique. Throughout the season our athletes learn to develop self-awareness, respect, responsibility, dedication, and teamwork, which they will carry with them to future endeavors.

What is all-star cheerleading?

All-star Cheerleading over the last 20 years has grown to be known as a competitive sport. In the 80’s and 90’s, all-star teams were typically formed of athletes looking to improve their skills so they had a better chance of making their high school or college cheerleading teams. As time went on the sport began to be viewed as a way for cheerleaders to focus more on teamwork and athleticism, and seperate cheerleaders from that traditional stereotype. All-star cheerleading is a hybrid sport of gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, and many other elements unique to all-star. All-star cheerleading allows athletes to learn exciting skills in a fun, safe enviorment.

All-star teams typically consist of 10-32 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities. These teams are taught a routine consisting of jumps, tumbling, stunting, dance, and other skills set to music. At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability level. The routines are judges by their level on difficulty, precision, creativity, and entertainment value.

Why Rockstarz?

We believe we run a solid program that is right for everyone from the brand-new athlete to the elite veterans of the sport. Rockland Extreme Rockstarz offers a high quality facility where your cheerleaders can become the best athlete and person they are capable of. Our coaching staff is top notch with years of experience and safety and coaching certifications through USASF, along with various other organizations. Our coaches focus on the basics in order to continue advancing skills. We believe, as a whole, you must have a strong core of skills in order to improve. Each week practices consist of tumbling, stunting, and conditioning.

At Rockland Extreme Rockstarz, we believe with hard work and dedication each athlete is capable of anything.

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